Leadership Development​​
Uganda is a country of 80 million people who speak 42 different languages.

Learning to speak in public, to set an example and to accept suggestions and criticisms are not natural born skills.  Through a series of frequent seminars we have helped women and men take charge of important issues in their own communities. 

In time these are the people that will be starting their own schools and businesses.

Community Health
There are many groups doing medical charity work in Africa, and we are grateful for all of them.  However in the process of our work, we frequently encounter medical and health education needs that must be addressed now.

Our African staff includes an advanced nurse who provides vitally needed health education and performs many basic health services in the communities.

In addition, we occasionally coordinate the efforts of US and European based aid groups. For example when a medical organization chooses to provide a clinic in the area, DCI makes arrangements for facilities and support staff.

Currently we are primarily active in three important areas.  DCI works with local churches, in part because in Uganda they are one of the few groups that have influence in rural areas.  About 80% of the population of Uganda identifies as Christian.  So do we.  We also feel a responsibility to help our sisters and brothers whoever they may be and whatever their faith.  DCI's programs are available to everyone who is interested and willing to put in the effort to be successful.

Adult Literacy Education​​
Frequently we find that the limited educational resources available are offered only to boys by families, based on the idea that they are the only ones that will need skills other than homemaking.

This has resulted in a lot of uneducated women.  These women are largely responsible for child rearing, and are frequently exploited and cheated. They often do not understand such basic concepts as germ theory and food safety.

To date we've helped more than 1200 women learn to read and maintain a sanitary home.