Frequently Asked Questions

Does DCI employ local people?
Yes, all of our literacy teachers are from the communities where we are working. Our office staff and program managers are also Ugandans.  At this time DCI's staff includes 33 full and part time employees.

How many non-Africans work for DCI?
At this time there are no non-African paid staff.  We do have an American director based in Uganda who receives a living allowance, but no regular salary.

How many potential sites are there for DCI literacy classes?
The possibilities are endless. There are high rates of adult illiteracy in much of rural Africa and giving adults a basic education will have a powerful impact wherever we are able to hold classes. We arrange for a local church to sponsor a class and provide their facilities free of charge.

What subjects are taught in addition to adult literacy?
The curriculum, taught in English and the local language, covers reading and writing in both languages, arithmetic, health, cleanliness and disease prevention, Bible, gender issues - which teaches about laws protecting women, agricultural skills and entrepreneurial skills. Leadership is also taught.

dispensed eyeglasses and pastors who taught classes. Ophthalmologists from a Ugandan Catholic hospital brought a team to perform cataract and other eye surgeries.  We are currently setting up the manufacture of an inexpensive clay stove to replace the stones currently used for cooking. The stove was designed by another aid organization, Aid Africa, and we have worked closely with them. We also administer a literacy program for Life Seeds, a small agency in Oregon, overseeing it as we do our own classes.

Does DCI operate a medical clinic?
No, not currently. We do not have doctors. We concentrate on teaching an awareness of disease prevention, hygiene practices, and educating the public. We do have an advanced nurse practitioner on staff to examine patients, prescribe medications and refer people to regular medical clinics.  But his main focus is currently community health education and program development.

How much of my donation goes for overhead expenses?
All administrative work in the US is done by volunteers and supplies are donated.  Aside from bank fees there is practically no administrative expense paid from donations.

​Does DCI work with other organizations?
DCI is always eager to work with other organizations. We have brought in optometrists with Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) who examined patients and 

What is Development Companions International?

DCI is a Christian organization dedicated to equipping local Christian ministries to serve their communities and the world beyond. Each of our programs has been developed on-site, with members of the churches we work with.  We partner with indigenous churches and organizations to achieve success and change.

Where does DCI work?
We are currently working with local churches in rural Eastern Uganda, developing and administering programs in adult literacy, community health and church leadership development. We help churches become a beacon of possibilities in their communities.