DCI's uses local teachers who understand the culture, the people and the language better than anyone else.  As much as possible, Ugandans administer and develop the programs.  In the Kapchorwa region, the average household income is only around $50 per month.  We are helping people learn to manage the larger budgets and resources required for ongoing projects.

About Us

DCI is a faith based organization that works with local churches and other groups to help with the needs of the developing world.

Currently our work is centered in the Kapchorwa District in Eastern Uganda where we run programs designed to develop skills and infrastructure so that people will no longer be dependent on foreign aid.

Esther Kibet was an illiterate wife and mother when she enrolled in the DCI literacy program four years ago.  Today she runs a trade school for seamstresses and is on the local town council.  She hopes one day to have electricity in her business.

DCI's Country Director Jonathan Beggs (left) holds a copy of our literacy curriculum in front of a class in Greek River, Uganda.  With him is DCI's former education director Paul Sibila.  Jonathan, Paul and a local team of Ugandans developed the curriculum to address the specific needs for each community.  In addition to literacy and money management, students learn about domestic topics such as cleanliness and germ theory.